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    Potassium Permanganate


    Potassium Permanganate is an inorganic compound, it is also known as Condy's Crystals, Potassium Manganate (VII) or Permanganate of Potash. It has the appearance of dark purple crystals.

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    Potassium Permanganate


    - Has many uses including the following :
    - a strong oxidising agent in chemical compositions
    - anti-bacterial agent for cleaning fish ponds
    - disinfectant for treating mild dermatitis and athletes foot
    - survival kits as a fire starter when mixed with glycerine

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    Potassium Permanganate


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Potassium Permanganate - Applications

Potassium Permanganate is a strong oxidiser and as such is commonly used in flash powders and other pyrotechnic compositions.
It will readily ignite with glycerine without any form of ignition - which makes its use in survival kits ideal.
It is very popular in the aquatic world as an anti-bacterial agent and disinfectant in a weak aqueous solution.
Its oxidising properties are used in the medicine - dilute solutions are used for treating ulcers (Canker Sores) and as a disinfectant for treatment of mild dermatitis and fungal infections of hands and feet such as athletes foot.